Welcome Maya – our Fixperts Resident

A big welcome to Maya Alvarado, the newest member of  the Benchmark team and inaugural Fixperts Resident.  Maya is a First Class Honours graduate in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston University.  She  was chosen  from a high caliber of applicants across four countries and five disciplines by the selection panel of Daniel Charny, co-founder of Fixperts, our Sean Sutcliffe, Ollie Stratford of Disegno, and renowned designer Ilse Crawford. The panel were really impressed by the diversity and level of applicants but Maya stood out for them because of her inquisitive attitude and awareness of finding solutions to social issues through intelligent design.

Fixperts is about fixing for someone. It is a creative social platform and education project that invites people who are good at making and repair to fix for others. Co-founded in 2012 by James Carrigan and Daniel Charny, it is now active in 17 countries with over 150 Fixfilms online .

Having participated in the first Fixperts Pilot, alongside Jake Rich, and their FixPartner Alena Korbel, Maya began her long-lasting commitment to Fixperts. After a chance meeting in the V&A bookshop, Maya and Alena became friends, and this shared project demonstrated how design can improve everyday quality of life. Alena, who was now partially sighted, missed sewing. The Fix presented her with a device that enabled her to thread a needle and so continue her passion and put it to practical use.

Maya will spend a year fully immersed in the Benchmark community with access to the our workshops, team of craftsmen and design studio. This will allow her to further develop her digital and hand skills as both maker and designer. During the residency the Fixperts Resident will produce Fixperts projects with the local community, which will be shared within the Benchmark team and online as well as participating in external Fixperts events.

As the first Fixperts business partner, we very much  hope that other leading businesses see the value that this thinking can bring to their company and open their doors to the next Fixperts Residency.


Posted on: 9th September, 2015 By: Benchmark Category: Fixperts| Getting to know us