Time to celebrate!

We’re extremely proud  to announce that today, on the Queen’s birthday, we have been named winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. This is considered to be the UK’s highest accolade for business success and this is the second time we have been awarded it.

In the words of the judges…

“A second Sustainable Development Award is made to Benchmark , a furniture-maker having long-established focus on craftsmanship, design and sustainability and an exemplary approach to transparency and accountability. Benchmark developed the world’s first wooden furniture with full Life Cycle Assessment results. Prioritising local sourcing, to reduce material and personnel travel,  it was the first furniture-maker accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Deeply-rooted in local communities, it provides strong support to students, including those with disabilities, through apprenticeships, work experience and schools workshops. Widely acknowledged for environmental commitment, the commercially-successful company has been commissioned to participate in high-profile, environmentally-focussed projects.”

Receiving this award is an important milestone for those of us trying to do the right thing in a highly competitive, cost driven industry. We are constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact further.  We hope along the way that we will inspire others to do the same.



Posted on: 21st April, 2015 By: Benchmark Category: About Us| Awards