The new cathedra for Leicester Cathedral – a dream job

It was a proud moment last night as we watched on TV the interment of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral.  As part of the reordering project to create a respectful place for the remains and to allow the mission and work of the Cathedral to grow. we were commissioned to make the cathedra and cross. This has been a dream job for us as it’s not something that happens in many lifetimes.

A cathedra, or bishop’s throne is the seat of a bishop and symbolises the bishop’s teaching authority. It gives its name to the building where it is installed, the cathedral.  The honour of designing the new cathedra was bestowed upon award-winning architecture and design practice Draisci Studio.  Having won the commission from a shortlist of designers, the studio then turned to us to make it.  It’s a brave, brilliant and thoroughly modern design and one that the whole team were excited about making but it didn’t come without significant technical challenges with its folded geometry and multi faceted walnut panels requiring highly complex mitred joints.  

As the Dean of Leicester, the Very Revd David Montheith said, “Cathedrals in every generation are known for imaginative artistic design of great quality often breaking new imaginative ground.” In our opinion the Draisci Studio design has done exactly that and we very much hope that congregations for hundreds of years will enjoy the result.

Posted on: 23rd March, 2015 By: Benchmark Category: Bespoke Furniture Projects| Craftsmanship| Ecclesiastical| Institutions