The beauty in imperfection

Our stand at Clerkenwell Design Week was full of imperfections and that’s just how we like it. Visitors  found it difficult to resist stroking the smooth edges of our waney edged English Walnut Table or feeling the dips of the knots and splits.  The Victoria Workbench made from two glorious planks of Scottish elm was admired for its shakes  that ran the full length of the table, skillfully butterflied by our craftsmen. It was a celebration of the timber in all it’s natural glory.  We’d paired the English walnut with legs made of gilding metal to offset against the richness of the walnut.  In contrast, the elm of the Victoria was combined with a simple, stained oak frame.

In recent years, we’ve seen a growing desire for pieces designed to flaunt imperfections for both home and commercial projects.

Our  Darby Table is currently one of our best selling tables.  Each table is unique and distinctive made with two planks of elm or oak with edges left waney, and knots and splits embraced for their character.  It is paired with cast iron or bronze legs.

Along with the shift in new workplace design, materiality has taken centre stage. We’re regularly making stand-out pieces of furniture for places where people come together and collaborate.  Statement pieces using timber in its natural state are also being commissioned for retail spaces and restaurants.  Take a look at these display tables that we made from English Walnut for Paul Smith, and The Store x Soho House Berlin; and the display table made from a 3 metre-long waney edged single board of sycamore that graces Alex Eagle’s store in Walton Street.

Posted on: 3rd June, 2015 By: Benchmark Category: Events & Exhibitions| New Products| Projects