Spooning at Clerkenwell

Barn The Spoon will be joining us at Clerkenwell Design Week  tomorrow. For those who don’t know him, he’s a master spoon maker and it’s a joy to watch him at work.

Here’s a snippet from an article in the Spitalfields Life….

“Barnaby Carder – widely known as Barn the Spoon – sits in the window at 260 Hackney Rd carving spoons for eight hours at a stretch. He sees the rush hour go one way and then he sees the rush hour go the other way, and in between friends pop in for a chat.

All this time Barn whittles away placidly, surrounded by an ever-growing tide of wood shavings as his pile of completed spoons increases. “I can’t imagine a life without making spoons,” he admitted to me when I sat down beside him yesterday while he worked, “I made my first spoon twelve years ago and now I’m addicted to making spoons. When I’ve made a good spoon I feel good within myself, but a good spoon doesn’t happen very often  – maybe once a day. It’s a beautiful thing.”  Read more

After joining us for discussions over breakfast, Barn will whittle away throughout the day creating his beautiful spoons for all to see.

Tuesday 20th May from 10:00am

2nd Floor,  Design Factory at the Farmiloe Building, Clerkenwell, 34 St John Street, London, EC1M 4AY

Posted on: 19th May, 2014 By: Benchmark Category: Projects