Inspired by the power of wondering

With the objective of igniting curiosity and creative thinking in science and maths, our latest project for the new £6 million interactive Statoil Wonderlab at the Science Museum in London was never going to be a run of the mill project.

Designed by  award winning practice muf architecture/art and inspired by the power of wondering, the gallery has over 50 cutting edge exhibits and immersive experiences.  We made a number of the exhibits which enable visitors to grasp scientific phenomena in direct ways.  For example, the periodic table is presented as an actual table which we topped with white tiles bearing the symbols of chemical elements; and forces can be explored by building bridges across a valley of wooden hills. Other exhibits made by us included the metal framed demonstration area in the Electricity Zone and tables where light can be bent and split and blocked in the Light Zone.

We love Muf’s recurring use of natural oak which was their conscious reaction against the generic bright, wipe clean, panelled architect of many schools and public spaces. Throughout the gallery we made solid oak display tables, benches, easels and even a moveable set of steps for little legs.  The result is “robust, hardworking spaces which also deliver a sense of grandeur and delight”.

Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD



Posted on: 10th November, 2016 By: Benchmark Category: Museums| Projects