From the workshop to the V&A Friday Late

Last week, as part of the V&A’s Friday Late curated programme of live performances, innovative fashion, film and installations, music, food and drink, we joined our partners Fixperts and set up workshop in the Raphael Gallery.

Fixperts hosted the event with Machines Rooms and FixHub Padiham.  In rather surreal surroundings for a workshop, Sean, with his workbench and toolbox, headed up the School of Bumps and Knocks.  He showed how simple it is to steam bumps and knocks out of wood while Raphael’s Apostles looked on.  Manned with his iron (for heat), a damp cloth (for moisture), and other basic items such as oxalic crystal acid (to remove stains from wood), he shared some of the tricks of the trade.

It was a busy night – 4900 people through the doors, now with a better idea of fixing.


Posted on: 7th July, 2015 By: Benchmark Category: About Us| Events & Exhibitions| Fixperts

Image Credit V&A Friday Late