Challenging the relationship between fashion and forest…

We’re really excited about our collaboration with designer Benedetta Tagliabue, EMBT, and the American Hardwood Export Council for Milan Design Week which we are building in the beautiful historic courtyard of  Università degli Studi di Milano as part of the Interni Material Immaterial exhibition from 3-15 April.   We’d definitely recommend a visit if you are travelling to Milan as it has turned out to be rather spectactular

‘Too Good to Waste’ is an installation which challenges the relationship between fashion and forest. It extends a dual invitation: a conceptual one, to discover what true sustainability means; and a physical one, to touch and inhabit an intriguing piece of design. We hope visitors will interact and play, open its different components by pushing, pulling, swiveling and create new configurations.

“We want to show what can be achieved by embracing, instead of discarding, species and qualities that, despite not being in fashion, are growing abundantly in the forest. If we don’t use wisely what nature provides, we cannot achieve”. David Venables, AHEC

Conceived and delivered in just eight weeks, Too Good to Waste has certainly pushed us out of our comfort zone.  It’s  a testament to the design resolution skills and the ‘can-do’ attitude of our team.  Although we had simulated how the furniture was going to hinge, move or slide as much we could on the computer, the majority of our thinking and problem solving had to happen at the workbench.  With no opportunity in the schedule for changes, we had to get it right first time.

In the words of Benedetta: “Imperfection can make a piece completely beautiful and unique and I hope this project will convey the message that you can work with materials that are considered imperfect and with skills, intelligence and curiosity you can transform them into something beautiful, unique and beloved.”

Posted on: 30th March, 2017 By: Benchmark Category: Projects