Canary Wharf revisited

We received an unusual enquiry last week for our Wales & Wales collection of street furniture.  We were asked if Wales & Wales benches had been supplied to Canary Wharf ‘about 28 years ago’. As it happens, the caller was right. Wales & Wales  benches were supplied back in the late eighties and have continued to be supplied from time to time over the intervening years.

After all this time, it could be expected that the caller was wanting some maintenance work or replacement of parts but in fact apparently someone had taken it into their head to pitch a couple of the benches into the Thames (which would require considerable commitment and strength given the heavy ground fixings!).  It comes as a considerable compliment that the wooden seats have lasted perfectly without the need for component repair or replacement for over a quarter of a century, in one of the busiest urban environments imaginable. The children in the photo now have children of their own!

Clearly, our Wales & Wales street and park furniture collection is designed and made to last.  Made in sustainable oak and iroko, it has been specified in many public spaces all around the UK and overseas including St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Barbican, Bexhill Seafront and the Millenium Park, Jersey.

In addition to being sole licensed manufacturer for the Wales & Wales collection, we offer a bespoke service for public space projects.  Outdoor commissions include commemorative benches for Hereford Cathedral, the design and build of a pavilion for the National Trust, the Alnwick Garden Pavilion and a bespoke outdoor seating area for the Woodland Trust Headquarters.

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Posted on: 5th November, 2015 By: Benchmark Category: Projects| Street and Park Furniture