An Education Manifesto for Craft and Making

Yesterday, 10th November 2014, the Crafts Council launched their education manifesto – Our Future is in the Making: An Education Manifesto for Craft and Making.

An open letter was published in The Times, backed by over 100 signatories including the artist Grayson Perry, broadcasters Kevin McLoud and Kirstie Allsop, Nigel Carrington of University of the Arts, Deyan Sudjic of Design Museum, Mark Miodownik of Institute of Making, and our Terence Conran and Sean Sutcliffe. In the afternoon, the manifesto was presented to politicians at The House of Commons. Speakers included manifesto supporter the ceramicist Edmund de Waal who told the House ‘“Lack of crafts in schools is stifling talent”’

Here are excerpts from the open letter printed in The Times:

“Craft skills generate £3.4bn for the UK economy, with 150,000 people employed in businesses driven by craft skills, in engineering, science, design, architecture, fashion and film.

Making contributes to cognitive development and fosters wellbeing. It develops creativity, inventiveness, and problem-solving.

Between 2007 and 2012 following changes in educational policies, student participation in craft-related GCSEs fell by 25 percent.  In higher education, craft courses fell by 46 percent. This comes when elsewhere around the globe investment in creative education is rising.

We make five calls for change:

  1.     Put craft and making at the heart of education
  2.     Build more routes into craft careers
  3.     Bring the entrepreneurial attitude of makers into education
  4.     Invest in craft skills throughout careers
  5.     Promote higher education and artistic and scientific research in craft.”

Craft and making is vital to our society, culture and economy.

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Posters by Antony Burrill, manifesto designed by Cog


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